Black Mountain Furniture

Carl Pauw was looking for a unique dining room table for his home, a table that was unlike all the others he could find in all the stores. He was searching for a table, made from quality, solid wood and that would last a lifetime…something that he could pass on to his children’s children.

The more Carl searched, the more he realised it was nearly impossible to source this quality table and this is where the concept of how Black Mountain Furniture was born.

Black Mountain Furniture will craft a unique piece of furniture for you unlike any other. No two blocks of wood are the same and each one takes many hours of patient care to develop into a spectacular centre piece in your home. Each piece has its own special character, filled with rich natural colours, individual knots and stress cracks. As you enjoy your special Black Mountain item, listen and enjoy as it starts conversations about our beautiful continent and the generations your wood has spent growing in the African soil.

If bespoke, custom-made indigenous furniture is what you are looking for, then Carl Pauw and Black Mountain Furniture would love to hear from you.

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