We further offer the repair and refurbishment of your valuable antique and heirloom furniture. Whether it's a complete refinish, touch-up, or repair, we can offer you an affordable solution. Our goal, to breathe new life into these special historic pieces, to be appreciated for generations to come.
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We finish our products with a series of lacquer or oil based coats. We have selected these finishes for its excellent clarity and penetration, as well as its heat, water, solvent, acid and alkali resistance. The condition of these finishes can however, deteriorate over time. The main causes of deterioration are exposure to strong light, mainly sunlight. Oxidation and physical abuse with rough or extremely hot objects.

Some measures to reduce deterioration include, keeping furniture out of direct sunlight, use of physical barriers like coasters of placemats. Active measures include applying good furniture polish or wax. This will protect the surface and finish. These measures can be applied on a three monthly basis for outdoor products and for indoor products annually or as required. When the surface become dull the wood should be buffed with a clean cloth to revive the colour and shine.